What Threats Does the Carpenter Bee Cause to My Property?

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There are many types of bees out there. Some can be aggressive and may come after you to sting. Some are going to cause damage to your property, even if they do not sting you, and that is never a good thing when you want to maintain your business and save money. And other bees are going to just pollinate flowers and float around, not causing anyone any harm at all. If you see carpenter bees around your property, you may wonder which of these you need to worry about with this pest.


For the most part, the carpenter bee is going to avoid humans and will not sting. The males are not able to sting at all. They can be territorial sometimes and will try to scare you and others away from their area so that they can enjoy eating through the wood that is there. This is also the gender that you are most likely to come across on your property. They will hover close to you and are attracted to sudden movements, but it is mostly just to cause some fear in you, rather than to cause some harm.


The females are able to sting if they need to. It is not very common though. They would rather worry about making a nest and finding wood to eat through than going after a human and stinging them. They will have to feel extremely under threat and provoked before they would choose to come sting you or anyone else around your property.


The biggest threat you will have with a carpenter bee is the damage they can do to your property. They like to bore holes into the wood around your property and then make tunnels that they will use to make a nest. If you do not treat the problem and remove the bees from your property, then it is possible that they are going to continue to cause more damage and can ruin your home or commercial property, similar to what you see with termites that are not taken care of on the property.


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