What are Boxelder Bugs?

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There are a number of different bugs that are able to get into your home, especially during the summer months. Some of these can pose a number of health problems if you allow them to take over the home and don’t take the necessary precautions to keep your home safe and secure. Others are just a nuisance and are not fun to get out of the space. One of the pests that you may need to worry about in your home are the boxelder bugs.


Boxelder bugs get their name thanks to the fact that you will most commonly find them around boxelder trees. This bug is going to be kind of black and orange, which makes it more unique compared to some of the other bugs that can get into your home. They are native to some of the western parts of the United States, though they can be found in other places, so don’t be surprised if they show up in your home.


The good news is that they are primarily a nuisance and you just need to remove them, without having to worry about the bites or getting sick from them. But you will not want to keep them around. These bugs are able to get into your property through a number of different methods like through the garages, sheds, and more during the winter to warm up.


If you see these bugs, you will notice that they are black and orange. This means that they will be mostly black and have orange and reddish markings on their backs, usually in some sort of a pattern. The adults will also have a long and flat body that is close to half an inch long, but not very big. You will also notice that they have six legs and the two antennae that they have are half of their body length. The nymphs will be similar in appearance to the adults, but they will not have wings and are more red in color rather than the black and orange you are used to.


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