What are Some of the Signs of the American Cockroach in My Property?

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The American cockroach is not a fun bug to get into your home. It is able to spread a lot of different diseases and can make you and everyone in your home sick if you allow it to stick around. You need to take some preventive methods to make sure that this bug is going to stay far from your property and won’t cause you a lot of issues along the way. And the best way to tell if you have a potential issue or infestation is to recognize some of the signs ahead of time.


But what are some of the signs that the American cockroach is on y our property? There are four telltale signs that you have an infestation of this bug. Some of these include:


# You are able to see the insect fleeing from some dark areas when they are disturbed. If you see the bug, then you have an infestation.

# You may see that these cockroaches are leaving behind droppings in the dim areas that they like to hide so they don’t get caught. If you see these droppings, then contact a professional to come in and take a look.

# You see the egg capsules. These are going to be close to 8 mm long and dark in color. They can be glued close to food sources and you will find them in the kitchen, laundry room, and in basements. Sometimes they are close to your appliances and cabinets.

# These bugs like to produce a special pheromone. Some people will describe this as a musty smell. If you have a sensitive nose or a bug infestation, it is possible that you will notice this smell around your home as a sign of an infestation.


If you see one or more of these signs of a pest infestation, then it is time to contact the professionals to come take a look. They will help you to come up with the right pest control solutions for all your needs to ensure your home is safe from the bugs.


Whether you are dealing with the American cockroach or another type of bug around your property, it is a good idea to call in the professionals to help you take care of the problem as soon as possible. Our commercial pest control in Portland will provide you with some of the relief that you need. Our team will come to your home and commercial property and provide you with some of the relief that you need from any of the bugs that are causing you problems. Contact us today to get started.