The 5 best WoW BfA Hunter Pets for Every Talent Particularization

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It is also worth looking at the best WoW Shadowlands pets for hunters since Shadowlands has been released!

Taming wild beasts is among the most thrilling things about being a Hunter. It's been a long time since vanilla introduced the idea of having pets. There are a lot of great Hunter pets to choose from and Battle for Azeroth has made several changes to the way they function. We'll be looking at the best WoW BfA Hunter Pets for each talent spec.

It is also worth looking at the best WoW Shadowlands pets for hunters since Shadowlands has been released!

Keep in mind that Blizzard is making changes to the Battle for Azeroth pets policy. New pet models and pet families are now available. It could lead to confusion among those who play Hunter characters who wish to know which pet is the best fit for their specific spec. We're here to assist you in selecting the best pet and family of pets for your particular talent!

What are the characteristics of the top five Hunter Pets families? Survival Marksmanship?

This list has a balanced mixture of PvE and VP pet families so there is something for everyone.

1. Ankylodon Bull (Scalehide family)

Pet specialization: Ferocity

Primarily used PVE

The special ability of pets in the family: Scale Shield

Specialization capabilities (Ferocity), Predator's Thirst and Primal Rage

The Scalehide pet family also includes the Ankylodon Bull Hunter pet, which was first introduced in Legion. You can hunt and conquer this monster in Zuldazar, located on the Zandalar continent. This pet is a fantastic tank due to its ability. It can be utilized to great effect in solo quests.

2. Patranache (Crane family)

Pet specialization: Tenacity

Principal use PvE

Special ability of the pet family Chi-Ji's Tranquility, Trick

Specification capabilities (Tenacity), Endurance Training, Survival for the Fittest

Patrannache another pet with a PvE focus with a different purpose, is Patrannache. It is part of the Crane clan that was first launched within the MoP expansion. It's located in Patrannache in the Valley of the Four Winds in Pandaria. And you can use this pet in all dungeons, as it's also equally good for raids and dungeons.

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3. Aotona (Bird of Prey family)

Pets with specialization: Cunning

Primarily Use: PvP

Family pet's special abilities: Trick, Talon Rend

Pathfinding and Cunning are two of the specializations that can be used to improve your abilities.

Aotona is a bird-like pet, has been part of WoW's universe since the beginning of WoW. It is possible to be able to find Aotona in Sholazar Basin Northrend. Thanks to the extra movement speed and other PvP friendly capabilities, this pet is going to be an excellent choice for those who like playing PvP. It's worth noting that Highmountain Tauren Hunters get a pet from this pet family automatically.

4. Groyat (The Blind Hunter)

Pet specialization: Ferocity

Primary use PvE

Pet family special ability: Sonic Blast

Specialization capabilities (Ferocity) Predator's Thirst and Primal Rage

The inclusion of bat-related pets in WoW has become an established practice. Groyat, or the Blind Hunter, can be located in the dungeon of Razorfenkraul in Barrens. The Hunter pet is likely to be quite efficient in certain PvE scenarios for instance. If you are looking to purge yourself or possess bloodlust capabilities and dungeons are the ideal place to go.

5. Gurubashi Riding Raptor (Raptor family)

Specialization of pets: Cunning

Primarily used for PvP

Savage Rend has a special pet family ability

Pathfinding and Cunning are two of the specializations which can be applied to increase your skills.

In the same way, as bats and birds the pet family of raptors was originally added to the game in vanilla. There is also the Gurubashi Riding Raptor, which can be controlled at the Kun-Lai Summit in Pandaria. The thing that makes this pet extremely efficient in PvP battles is the nastiest rend buff it comes with which makes it particularly effective against healers in BGs and Arena matches.

What do you think of the abilities of the most successful five families of Hunter Pets to master Beast Mastery?

Similar similar to the previous five entries, we've also included a healthy balance between PvP and PvE pets for Mastery Hunters.

1. Reassigned Warbeast (Clefthoof family)

Pet specialization: Ferocity

Primary use PVE

Special ability for pet family: Blood of the Rhino, Thick Hide

Specialization capabilities (Ferocity), Predator's Thirst and Primal Rage

Reassigned Warbeast A pet that was added to WoD, is an excellent tanking companion for Hunters with Mastery abilities that are specialized. This pet makes a fantastic tanking companion for any world content project, due to its armor and healing abilities. You will find the pet within Tanaan Jungle, Draenor.

2. Queenfeather (Raptor family)

Cunning pet specialization

Primarily Use: PvP

Family pet's special talent: Savage Rend

Spezialization skills (Cunning), Master's Call and Pathfinding

We're now shifting to a pet more focused on PvP situations. Queenfeather will give you faster speed and speed while aiding in the process of giving that nasty rend buff on your enemies. It is also available as an friendly to Arena BG pet in Zuldazar or Zandalar.

3. Loque'nahak (Spirit Beast Family)

Pet specialization: Tenacity

Primary use PvE

Pet family special ability: Spirit Walk, Spirit Shock and Spirit Mend

Specification capabilities (Tenacity) Endurance Training and Survival for the Fittest

This pet is an excellent option for dungeons as it has an amazing healing CD and an ability to take away one magic or Enrage effect from the targeted. It is possible to find Gondria in Zul'Drak, which is located in Northrend.

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4. Silithid Sentinel (Silithid Family)

Pets with specialization: Cunning

Primarily used for PvP

Pet family special ability: Dune Strider, Tendon Rip

Spezialization abilities (Cunning) Master's Call, Pathfinding

The Silithid Sentinel is a great PvP Hunter pet because of its amazing movement speed boost and its insanely slow. However, it also has advantages in PvE scenarios due to its DPS-focused nature of the clever spec. Regarding the Silithid pet family - it was introduced in WotLK and logically, you may find the pet within Silithus (Kalimdor).

5. Groyat The Blind Hunter (Bat family)

Pet specialization: Ferocity

Principal use PVE

Special pet family ability

Ability to specialize (Ferocity) Predator's Thirst Primal Rage

Groyat, the Blind Hunter, makes a brief appearance on our list. However, this time, it's listed in the category of the Top pets for Mastery Hunters. Whatever the talent specs, the motivations for the inclusion of this pet are the same. It's quite good for PvE mainly because of the bloodlust and purge capabilities that it offers.


The most popular five WoW BfA Hunter Pets and their respective pet families depending on your specific talent. Our detailed and relevant list will not discriminate between PvPs and those that are more inclined to participate in PvE content.

Now, let's hear from you - what pet is your top choice for your particular talent? Comment below to let us know your thoughts!