IGVault Burning Crusade Classic Guide; How to Make Gold Quickly

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Also, the Marks of Sargeras, Arcane Tomes, and other Aldor or Scryers related rep items go on the AH too. Once again, farming some of the reputation items is a decent way to make gold in TBC Classic

Burning Crusade Classic has now released, continuing on the nostalgia that WoW Classic offers. Aside from leveling up or finding the best addons, one of the main concerns for the thousands of players that have jumped into World of Warcraft Classic since its launch will be farming WOW Classic Gold .


In WoW Classic, Professions play a major role in both making money and providing those sought-after items towards the end of the game.

One of the easiest ways to earn extra gold is by picking up gathering professions as early as possible — any two of either Mining, Herbalism, or Skinning. With Jewelcrafting introduced in Burning Crusade Classic, farming mining spots in locations like Nagrand (though this is probably best left until you’ve got epic flying for that 280% speed boost) at higher levels are a great choice.

While Jewelcrafting and similar crafting professions make money by creating items or providing services that are very valuable, they also take up resources. As such, it will be more efficient to take up gathering professions while leveling. Once at level 70, you can then switch over to crafting professions once you’ve built up enough of a bank to store items in.

It’s not just the major professions you should be considering, though. Secondary professions can all be picked up in addition to your two primary professions, giving you the option to either make a little more money by selling your creations or using them for yourself.

Auction House

Auction earnings depend directly on your personal gaming experience. You need to know at what time a certain item will rise in price to sell it profitably. There are many convenient Add-ons on the Internet that help you monitor auction statistics and simplify its interface for trading safety.

Repeatable Quests

Throughout Outland, each reputation has many repeatable quests, with some needing players to collect materials from mobs. Some examples are the Unidentified Plant Parts, which are found on the various plant mobs in Zangarmarsh and Coilfang Dungeons. Collecting these parts are an important part of the farming reputation for the Cenarion Expedition, which grants some prebis and the Hippogryph mount.

Furthermore, the Sporeggar reputation requires players to collect items like the Sanguine Hibiscus, which can be found on some mobs or picked up from the Underbog. Both are available at the auction house, so it’s one nice way to make some gold.

Also, the Marks of Sargeras, Arcane Tomes, and other Aldor or Scryers related rep items go on the AH too. Once again, farming some of the reputation items is a decent way to make gold in TBC Classic


Dungeons can be a good raw gold farm from passively looting gold, as well as selling any items you may get, or disenchanting them if you are an enchanter.

Some dungeon in Outland can also drop Fel Armaments and Arcane Tomes which are used to gain reputation with the Aldor and Scryers and later on used for shoulders enchants. Many players will want these and will hold their value for a while to come.

Dark Runes are a consumable that restores mana to the user and is only available from the Scholomance dungeon. These do not share cooldowns with mana potions so players will want to use these if they wish to min/max their mana in raids. These can be traded and sold on the Auction house.

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