Why should I do herb runs?

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Herb Run OSRS Farming Guide (All Herb Patches!)

OSRS herb runs require little effort to get started. Based on current prices they can produce anywhere from 50k to 100k. Herbs take only about an hour to fully grow so you can perform often.
Each run takes around five minutes to complete or less in the case of optimal teleports available. As early as level 32, you'll be able to take advantage of one of the most profitable herbs.

You'll also be able to acquire some good farming experience in addition to the cash flow that is passive. I've been a farmer myself from levels 32-80 and made amazing profits while learning other skills. In simple terms, you're missing out If you don't have a herbs run!
Useful Quests Unlocks
Let's review some resources to aid us in running more efficiently before we start running. These resources are not required but will help you boost the amount of money you earn and speed up your run. Try unlocking the most of them you can.

Magic Secateurs
This is the secateurs tool you can utilize to gather herbs. It offers a 10% bonus herb yield when it is used. This is critical to obtaining more herbs during your runs. It can be unlocked after finishing the Fairytale I - Growing Pains quest.

Ultracompost can be used on a herb patch to guarantee at minimum six plants. Additionally it reduces the chance of your herbs getting sick by as high as 90% per growth stage. This is super effective when farming any herbs that generate a large profit and/or have expensive seeds. The cheaper Supercompost can be very useful, but only apply it on seeds that are less expensive.

Graceful Armour
Herb runs will have you running around the map quite a bit. To maximize your running energy you should be as light as you can. Check out this guide to learn more information about Graceful and how to unlock it in a short time.

This item is almost essential for those who plan to utilize the Port Phasmatys patches. It is unlocked by completing the Ghosts Ahoy quest. This lets you easily connect directly to the Ectofuntus Temple, which is close to the herb patch.

Explorer's Ring 2+
The completion of the medium Lumbridge Draynor diary will be rewarded with this ring. It allows you to transfer to the patch of cabbage just to the south of the Falador herb patch three times every day. In addition to this it will also replenish the energy you expended running twice per day. The Explorer's Ring 3 will allow you to teleport an unlimited number of times.

My Arm's Big Adventure
To use the Troll Stronghold patch you must finish the My Arm's Big Adventure quest.

Troll Stronghold is one of the most "out out there" patches. Complete the Edgar's Ruse quest allows you to teleport into an area close to you. If you do not have the Magic level required to utilize the spell, you could modify house teleport tablets to redirect you to Trollheim.

Level 25 Construction
This Construction level allows you to talk to an estate agent and have your house moved to the Hosidius House. This is a great option to access the Great Kourend herb patch.

Stamina Potions
These will be of great advantage to you if have low agility, lack Graceful gear, and don't have a lot of teleports to choose from. If you are required to take 1-2 doses for each run, it's totally worth it. You'll still earn profits, and your runs will be more effective.

Herb Patches
There are a total of nine herb patches scattered across OSRS. They are accessible to the majority of accounts from 5-6. You might require access to access certain patches, but that's fine! Even if you only have 4 patches to access the herb run, it's worth the effort.

South of Falador
The patch can be easily accessible via the Explorer's Ring 2 cabbage patch teleport. You can use the Amulet of Glory or Falador to transfer to Draynor in the event that you don't own this item.
One of the most simple patches to reach is Catherby. You can run east with a Camelot Teleport until you arrive at the patch. If you're using the Lunar Spellbook teleport, you will run north instead.
Troll Stronghold
Teleport yourself up the mountain with the Trollheim Teleporter. To descend down the west side, use the routes for Agility. Follow the path north-west through the troll camp, and then into the Stronghold. Head up the ladder inside to gain access to the patch.
It is possible to change the address of your home to Great Kourend. Utilize a house teleporter to quickly access this area. Go north from here until you reach the patch. The Xeric's Talisman is a good option here.
Harmony Island
With completion of the Morytania Elite diaries, you are able to use the herb patch on Harmony Island. It is accessible by using a Harmony Island Teleport Tablet. A teleport is also available to users of the Arceuus spellbook that requires at least 60% Arceuus favor and a level of 65 Magic.
The patch's access is only beneficial if you already have the Ectophial unlock. Otherwise, the run is too far/long to be worth your time. Utilize your Ectophial to run to the west until get to the patch.
If you are able to access the Ardougne Cloak 2+, you can make use of the cape to directly teleport to the herb patch. The other option is to use an Ardouge Teleport, and then go north until you reach the patch.
To connect to code DKS utilize the fairy rings network. From here, head west and talk to Larry to take a ride on his boat. When you arrive in the east, turn to enter the cave. Continue to the south-west until you come across an unnatural boulder that can be crossed to get to the patch.
Farming Guild
An herb patch is available in the tier 2 and higher Farming Guild. It is accessible via the Farming Guild teleport on the Skills Necklace.
Herb Chart
After you've chosen the areas you'd prefer to utilize and have gathered all the equipment and equipment, you are now able to choose the type of Herb you'll plant. Prices can vary however the chart below will give you an idea of what you can plant. Some herbs offer more experience, but also less money in the opposite direction. Even if you're conducting Herb runs for experience and not for profit, some herbs will be beneficial to both.

Profit can be calculated as long as you have Ultracompost and the Magic Secateurs.
Herb Running
You're now ready to do your first herb-based run! It is essential to carry an entire inventory of herbseeds, ultracompost as well as any other teleportation equipment. In the event that your patches grow weedy after harvesting, bring with you an Spade and Seed Dibber.

It is important to make sure you compost on your disease-free patches since it will boost the yield! Think about bringing the Stamina Potion if you feel exhausted during your runs.

The path you take will be different depending on the patch you choose to complete. Personally, I prefer these: Ardougne- Troll StrongholdTroll Stronghold CanifisHosius CatherbyThen Falador.
To keep track of the herbs you have in your inventory You can add them on the Tool Leprechaun. This will save you a lot of time because you do not have to make a bank account between each patch. Do not wash your herbs that are dirty when you're only interested in the profits. Ironmen may profit from cleaning the herbs following harvest, and it's not necessary to do it in large quantities.

Repeat the run every 80 minutes for maximum profit!