DLF Arbour: Essential Documents to Check to Buy a Home in Gurgaon

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DLF Arbour is a prestigious residential complex nestled in the heart of the city. Boasting modern architecture and luxurious amenities, DLF Arbour offers an unparalleled living experience for discerning individuals. With its serene surroundings and state-of-the-art facilities, it epitomize

Gurgaon is one of the most thriving cities in the country and therefore it is receiving a huge demand for housing properties. The presence of global companions and its reputation as a major IT hub in the country is generating a lot of demand for luxurious properties. Acknowledging today’s scenario people want to invest in luxurious housing properties because these are lucrative investment options.

If you are also planning to buy a home in Gurgaon for investment purposes or end use, you must not do it in haste and be careful at every step of purchasing a home. The steps to buy a home in Gurgaon start with choosing the right property. If you are buying an apartment in DLF Arbour, you have landed at the right place because the trust of a prestigious developer has got you covered for legal formality. 

Checking the documents before buying a property is an imperative step because the inability to produce the right documents can land you in legal soup. You must consult with a lawyer or an expert if you buying a property first time. Moreover, buying a property in a fresh sale from a developer is safer because all the renowned developers like in the case of DLF Arbour, keep their documentation complete. 

You must be extra careful in the case of resale property because the owner of the property may have left some loopholes in the documentation. Therefore, you must consult a lawyer and get expert advice on essential documents. Here is the list of legal documents you must check before you buy a property in Gurgaon. However, you can easily access all these properties if you buy an apartment in DLF Arbour. 

  • RERA Registration Certificate

You must check RERA Registration Certificate if you are buying an under-construction property. This certificate ensures your rights and makes the developer responsible for fulfilling the promises they have made to you. Checking this certificate helps you to ensure that you will get quality construction and timely delivery of the project.

  1. 2. Letter of Allotment

The first owner issues this document and therefore, it is an important document for buying an apartment or a builder floor in Gurgaon. You will get it instantly after you book an apartment in DLF Arbour. Letter of allotment is the legal document used in buying real estate properties. It carries all the details of allocation to the buyer.

  1. Occupancy Certificate or OC

This crucial legal document allows the residential property buyer to physically possess the property. This document also proves that the development authorities or the municipality have inspected the property and that the developer has followed all the government-recommended rules and regulatory conditions. DLF focuses on fine details of the documentation and you can easily get it for DLF Arbour.

  1. Khata Certificate

Property tax is also known as Khata Certificate which holds an important place in the list of documents you must obtain while buying a property in Gurgaon. This legal paper represents the property assessment account with the MCG (Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon). It contains significant information like the build-up area, the carpet area, the demarcations, and the owner’s name along with his other details like age, address, and property tax ID. 

  1. Sale Agreement

As the name suggests, it is a legal agreement between the buyer and the seller of the property. It holds the terms and conditions stipulated between both parties. It has the property description and the steps of financial transactions. 

Majorly, it has the conditions about the payments to be made by the buyer. Also, it is the proof that the buyer has bought the property and he agrees to make the payment as per the conditions. DLF Arbour has easy payment options for the convenience of the buyer. 

  1. Sale Deed and Title Deed

The sale deed is the final document and it proves the actual ownership of the buyer. It means that the builder has transferred the property to the owner. It needs to be registered at the sub-register office and it is included in the jurisdiction of the city where the property transaction takes place.

  1. NOC

NOC (non-objection certificate) is the proof that the concerned authorities related to real estate and the construction process have no issue with the builder's action. It is a mandatory document and you must get it from the developer. 


Finding all the documents for DLF Arbour is not a big deal. The developer pays special attention to the documentation and never fails to fulfill all legal formalities. However, you can trust the developer because of the long history of successfully delivering housing properties.