Madden 22: 4 Things You Need to Know

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Look, we play Madden to immerse ourselves in our football fantasies. The best way to do that? Franchise Mode! It allows us to follow out favorite team, sign free agents

Franchise mode in the Madden NFL games has always been a fan-favorite. The mode allows players to take control of their favorite team and make roster moves, draft for the future, pull the trigger on massive trade deals, and play the season's games hoping to make it to the playoffs and beyond. The changes for Franchise mode in Madden NFL 21 seem a bit lackluster, and fans haven't been particularly happy. But fear not, Madden NFL 22 will be more revolutionary.

Madden 22 Trailers

While no trailers have been shown publicly just yet, EA has a scheduled earnings call with investors in May. Historically, EA has paired its investor meetings with marketing campaigns, choosing to inform both its financial backers and customers almost in unison. While many expect the next Battlefield to be revealed in May at that earnings call, it's possible that's when EA will start talking publicly about Madden 22 as well. As soon as it does, we'll be sure to include any trailers right here.

If EA doesn't open up about Madden 22 there, it's a surefire bet to be shown at EA Play Live or a similar E3-adjacent showcase later this summer. The marketing windows have shrunken over the years for Madden, perhaps because the game essentially sells itself and EA wants to encourage players to spend in-game money on Madden 21 for as long as possible, so it wouldn't be unprecedented if the publisher remains tight-lipped until just eight or nine weeks before it launches.

Make Franchise Mode The Flagship Game Mode

Look, we play Madden to immerse ourselves in our football fantasies. The best way to do that? Franchise Mode! It allows us to follow out favorite team, sign free agents, scout college players, negotiate contracts with current players, and best of all, play games. It’s what Madden is legendary for. Yet they chose to work away from it in favor of some experimental features that no one wanted or asked for. Like, I understand they want to incorporate a broader audience, but when your core gameplay isn’t touched in 10 years there’s a problems.

Franchise needs to be the hub of Madden. We need a deeper scouting system, an expanded coaching staff, a way to make our own plays from scratch, and a way to truly build a relationship with players on your team. The whole text message system was actually a really cool system and with a little improving it could be something that can truly bring a meaningful relationship between you and your players. On top of that, it would just add more immersion to the game. Something that’s been very lacking.

Coaching Carousel / Skill Trees

In previous versions of Madden, you’ll remember there were not only head coaches moving around the league but offensive and defensive coordinators as well.

Even in older versions of the NCAA games, they set it up so that there was a “coaching carousel” with the defensive and offensive coordinators where the good ones would eventually move up and get hired.

Adding this feature into future versions of Madden would be wise so that players have more options to personalize their team and reward good (or bad) offenses/defenses.

Another wish for Madden goers is to add in a “skill tree” of sorts where players will get in-game bonuses to stats, player development bonuses, morale bonuses, player retention bonuses, FA bonuses, etc.

Cover Athlete

In another piece of information that got out far sooner than EA planned, the Baltimore Ravens’ superstar Lamar Jackson, and reigning league MVP is officially the cover athlete.

As you can see from the thumbnail above, Jackson is rendered with stunning detail. The various covers for the different versions of the game are examples of EA’s best work in this space.

So here are the big features coming to the Madden 22 Franchise Modes, and do hope these new improvements will make the mode and even the new game better. More Madden 22 news and cheap Madden 22 Coins will be updated on time, stay tuned!